IHG Hotels Corporate and Discount codes


To book these prices online, please use the links provided for each code, or add the 5-letter code at the end of that url:


IHG Hotels Corporate and Discount codes

If you know of any more codes, please post them in the comments and I will update this list. Also, if you think any code should not be posted here for any reason (e.g., proprietary company code, etc.), please let me know.

If booking by phone, specify the rate code, e.g., “I was given a rate code to use…”.

IHG Hotel Corporate Codes

100862437 Ace Hardware Corp.
000251321 Bayer
900300707 Canadian Association of Business Officers
000136905 EDS
000109207 Federal Express Corporate/Express/Services
100172336 Federal Express Supply Chain Services
100190819 Federal Express Ground
100857591 Federal Express Freight Viking
954105683 Federal Express Freight American Freightways
954288433 Federal Express Custom Critical
970001266 Federal Express Trade Networks
000102806 General Electric
000478113 Loyola University
000505056 MBS textbook exchange
900033305 NWCTA
100189760 Rutgers University
000104256 Siemens

000102806 GE
100862437 Ace Hardware
000103772 Ford
954410926 Cisco
100183394 Oracle
000243132 IBM
102806 General Electric
101672 3M
100857558 Microsoft
954284247 Network Appliance
000104256 Siemens
128554 Motorola
954284898 Dell
293512 Wal-Mart Stores
100211707 Lenovo
150711 AT&T
888400 Target Corporation
000109207 FedEx
262552 ConocoPhillips
100371240 Honda
954409548 Toyota
900000588 lafarge
262552 Conocophillips
109568 Bank Of America Corp
100016221 Fujitsu
108146 ups
105406 kraft
924806 Lowes
128813 Coca-Cola
953100013 philips
IVTCD Travel Consultant

PC Bonus Points Rates

IKPCB “1,000 Bonus Points”
IKPCE “1,000 Bonus Points”
IKPC2 “2,000 Bonus Points”
IKPC3 “3,000 Bonus Points”
IKPC4 “4,000 Bonus Points”
IKPC5 “5,000 Bonus Points”
IKPC6 “1,000 Bonus Points, 2 Nights”
IKPC7 “2,000 Bonus Points, 2 Nights”
IKPC8 “3,000 Bonus Points, 5 Nights”
IKPC9 “4,000 Bonus Points, 7 Nights”
IKPCR “PCR Point Deals”

Standard membership fee (membership in the appropriate organization is required)

IDAAA AAA/CAA Membership Rate
ILNRB AAA Auto Club South (Good discounts in Florida)
IDARP Senior Discount/AARP Passport (“For guests 62 years of age or older or with a valid membership card to a retiree organization.” See here).
IDENI Entertainment Card
IDADC German Automobile Club (No discount since 2006. See here).
IMCGV Canada Government (T & C)
IMGOV U.S. Government Rate (T & C) – See comment here
IMSTI State Government (U.S.) (T & C)

Other Membership-based Rates

IVIDS Travel (“You must present a valid IATAN card or photo ID and present an authorization letter on agency letterhead at check-in to prove that you are entitled to the discount.” (see here). See also this article on the changes to T & C.
IVEDI staff rate (IHG system room benefit card must be presented at check-in)

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