Best Western Hotels discount codes list & corporate codes list


Best Western® Hotels & Resorts offers a global network of hotels in nearly 100 countries and territories around the world. From traditional hotel brands, to extended stays or unique boutique and upscale options, there is something for your travel needs around the world.

Best Western Hotels discount codes list & corporate codes list

Best Western official Website:
Facebook code: FB100
Twitter discount code: TWITTER1 or TWEET1 [unspecified discount amount & dates]
19-25% corporate code: 00322510
Best Western: save 20-25% with code 01418260 see post #608
Best Western: save 20% Italy with code 01494790 see post #623
For residents of Canada: IC4NF

Not all hotels are participate in this GE corporate code, if this code not working you can try 01476170 instead.

Best Western is pleased to offer a preferred rate to Ford Motor Company. To book this rate, search for your hotel below or call 1-800-WESTERN (937.8376) and mention Corporate ID number 00101841. Enjoy your stay!

Save up to 20% on Best Western room rates for hotels worldwide.
Free high-speed internet access.
Hot or continental breakfast, many complimentary.
Access to more than 4,000† hotels in over 100† countries and territories worldwide.

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