What Is a Hotel Corporate Rate?


Hotels offer lower corporate rates in order to get more business travellers into the hotel. A business traveller who feels he or she has got a good deal is likely to tell other staff that it has brought them more business. It also means that business travellers are more likely to return on future trips, whether for business or pleasure, on their next trip into town. They will also be likely to recommend the hotel to colleagues, friends and family.

Business travellers want to make sure they get the best possible rate on their hotel room, which often means paying the corporate rate (sometimes referred to as the business traveller rate) for said room. This is a discounted rate that the hotel negotiates directly with large companies or offers to business travellers in general. This discount can be 10% of the normal rate and sometimes even more.

How to Get the Discount Hotel Corporate Rate?

Larger companies that regularly book hotel rooms for their staff will often get a different negotiated corporate rate and you may have to show your employee ID to get the lower rate.

Many hotels will respect the corporate rate as long as you show your company ID, even if you are not going on a business trip. Another great benefit is that company rates are usually respected anywhere in the world, whether you are travelling for business or pleasure.

Getting the company rate on your hotel room can be a great way to save a little money. However, don’t forget to check out other discount options, as promotional rates for seniors, AMA members or specific dates may end up being lower than the company rate.

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