Accenture rates at Starwood hotels (Westin, St. Regis, Sheraton, Four Points, W Hotels)


Starwood is one of my favourite hotel chains. They have a number of different brands including the most common Westin and Sheraton, the more upmarket St. Regis, the stylish W Hotels and the value-for-money Four Points. The quality is quite high at all locations. I like the W hotels, but I stay at the Westin most often because they are usually right next to where my clients are.

I have been travelling for different companies at Starwood hotels, using different hotel rates and codes, but in my experience Accenture has an amazing global deal with Starwood.

With Starwood hotels discount codes are called SET codes and the SET codes can be filled in on the booking form on-line.

Accenture is a large consulting firm that focuses on information technology and strategy-related projects. Accenture employs over 300,000 people worldwide and the company has revenues of over $30 billion.

Accenture corporate code (SET code) at Starwood hotels is 57464.

The same code applies to all Starwood hotels, including Westin, St. Regis, W Hotels, Sheraton, Four Points, Le Meridien, Aloft, etc.

I noticed that in some Westin hotels IBM was able to get better rates, while in some W hotels Oracle got better rates than Accenture. However, in general, Accenture was able to negotiate good discounts at all Starwood hotels in the US and Europe. For example, when I had a meeting with Accenture in Milan, Italy, I stayed at the Westin and the Accenture rates were absolutely incredible for such an upscale hotel (I highly recommend you check out the rooftop terrace). So, if you work for Accenture, booking with an Accenture SET code will guarantee you a good room at a great price.

I realised that many Accenture employees did not know their SET code. In fact, the code was not given to me by Accenture or an Accenture employee. I found Accenture’s SET code on the Flyertalk forum ( I usually use the Accenture code when my travels are related to some business I have with Accenture. However, I have never been asked to provide any identification when checking in at a hotel.

Another Starwood properties I really like and that I strongly recommend are the following ones:

– The W Lakeshore Hotel in Chicago. Great view right on Lake Michigan. I also stayed at the other W in Downtown Chicago but the Lakeshore one is much nicer with its lake-front location.

– The Westin Resort on the Sunset Key Island in Front of Key West. An amazing resort in an incredible Caribbean location that I strongly recommend.

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